Our Story


Here at Kudos Kiddy, we give kudos to every kiddy. We want every child to love the learning process and have the right toys and tools to grow and develop their talents!

Because we know how important your children are to you, our products are carefully selected. We want every child to grow up safe and happy. We believe every parent should be able to be confident in their choice of toys, gear, or equipment for their children. We also believe that when children have the right toys, learning can be fun! We have chosen a variety of toys that can help your kiddy learn, while also having fun.

 Our Store

Kids today are growing up in a totally different world than the one that we grew up in. Being brought up in a digital world, they are learning to turn to screens for everything. They were missing out on some of the most essential parts of being a kiddy, including finding ways to showcase their talents. As we’ve observed this trend and began to see how this was creating a learning gap, we began to seek out toys, gear, and equipment that would help to fill that gap and bring children and parents together to play. This store is the result of that research. We believe in every single one of these products and know that including them in your kiddy’s life will improve and enrich it.


Our Future

As we grow and are able to, we will be donating toys and products to kindergartens, nurseries, orphanages, and children’s homes. We hope that this small contribution will brighten the day of the kiddys who are able to take advantage of these donations. We want to put a smile and give kudos to all children!

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